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Getting Married in Italy for US citizen

American citizens getting married in Italy must present the following documents :

  • PASSPORT for a civilian or ID Card for a member of the Army forces;
  • Copy or original of full BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the name of both parents. This document must be translated into Italian and must also be certified with an APOSTILLE by the Notary Public of the State where the document has been originated in. Under the Italian law the Apostille is valid only for 6 months.
    Information on how to obtain an apostille can be found on this website: http://travel.state.gov
  • If applicable, a FINAL DIVORCE DECREE or DEATH CERTIFICATE of any previous marriage.
    These documents have to be translated into Italian and Apostilled.
  • Affidavit, sworn to by the US citizen before a US Consul commissioned in Italy, stating that there is no legal impediment to the marriage, according to the laws of the State of which the citizen is a resident. This sworn statement is often referred to as "Nulla Osta" by Italian authorities. Note that a pending divorce, for example, would be an obstacle. Your legal status must be such that you can legally marry under Italian and US law.
  • ATTO NOTORIO (to be done in USA or Italy): this is a declaration sworn by 2 or 4 witnesses stating that according to US laws there is no obstacle to the citizens’ marriage, before an Italian Consul outside of Italy or in Italy before a Court Official.

Call your nearest Italian Consulate in order to set up an appointment. On the right column you will find all the necessary links for US citizen to get married in Italy.

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Getting Married in Italy for US citizen

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