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Choose a wedding photographer

Choosing a destination wedding photographer is really a though decision because you will not see the pictures you’re buying until after your wedding day and probably you will see the photographer the day or hours before your wedding. Your decision is not a matter of faith. Do not use low prices as your primary determining factor, remember that there are no second chances to have nice and candid shots of your wedding. Top wedding photographers help your memories last a lifetime, they will capture the emotion of your wedding.

Vittore Buzzi is a wedding photographer member of:

  • WPJA (wedding photojournalistic association)

  • WPPI (Wedding and portrait photographers international)

  • Photographic (the elite photographers network)

  • Vittore Buzzi is a wedding photogprapher based in Italy but he is used to travel abroad

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Choose a wedding photographer

The things to do to choose your destination wedding photographer

1. Build a list of wedding photographer that you like

2. Visit carefully their website and try to understand if you really like the pictures

3. Try to understand if in the website there are pictures of only one photographer or if they are speaking about a group of photographers

4. Email the photographers that you like most and ask to see an entire wedding gallery shot by the photographer that will shoot your wedding

5. Ask an estimate, avoid to complex estimate with hidden costs, an estimate has to be clear

6. Try to meet the photographer for your destination wedding or at least make a phone call, remember that usually the wedding photographer is the person that will spend more time with the bride

7. Ask the photographer if he is a member of some wedding photographers association, most of international wedding photographer associations usually have high standards for inclusion.

8. For example WPJA (wedding photojournalistic association) says : “One CANNOT simply pay his/her way into the WPJA. We emphasize this is NOT another ad-driven wedding web site”

9. Ask photographer if will give you high resolution images

10. Ask What Camera Equipment your wedding photographer uses top wedding photographers use Nikon (D3, D700,D3x) or Canon (5D,5DII, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III)

11.Wedding Planners,Hotels, Tour Operators,Resorts will recommend wedding photographers but trust only what you can see. Ask for a web site and feel free to hire the photographer that you like. There will be not other chances to have nice picture of your wedding. Remember that only the photos of your weedding will last forever

12. Destination wedding photographers have to be used to travel with all their equipment, and eventually to hire an assistant on location or to work alone