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Become a Wedding Photographer

Every year I receive a lot of e-mails of photographers that want to become wedding photographers and ask me to how they can start their successful business in wedding photography.

You see a lot of people who are computer geeks that buy a camera and think they can just set themselves up in the wedding photography business.
Photography has certainly changed but becoming a successful wedding photographer is not so easy as buying a camera.

There are no set entry requirements in the market of wedding photography. The key, as with any other forms of photography, is to build a good wedding portfolio, make contacts, and gain experience.
The technical side with digital cameras seems easy but you will need a good photography school and some workshops with successful weddings photographers.
To be a wedding photographer is a challenging career, requiring creativity, patience, and an eye for detail. A wedding photographer needs to know how to get the perfect shots, the ones that capture both the events and emotions of the day.

A wedding day can be chaotic and disruptive, with everyone tense about things going right. You are in the middle of it all so be quiet and think about what to do, build the story of the wedding from the beginning.

Study photography it’s not enough what's more important is industry experience.

You will also need some money to buy the right wedding photography equipment:

  • Always have two of every piece of equipment, and carry spares to each wedding in case something breaks or fails.

You will give up a lot of your time when you become a wedding photographer. Since such events mostly take place on weekends.

A last very important thing: there are no sick days in this business and you will not have problems to travel, destination weddings are really amazing but though.

Start wedding photographer business

Here if you are looking for:

Start a Wedding Photography business

Here you can find a road map to your business as wedding photographer:

  • Take courses at a photography school. Check for a photography school near you at the Photography Schools website (see Resources below). Become an expert. The wedding day is not the place to learn photography. Your clients expect a professional photographer on their special day.
  • Develop your photographic vision. Take a fresh approach, and separate yourself from other wedding photographers. Stand out and people will remember and most likely utilize your services. Photography goes beyond cool toys and gadgets. Learn composition and develop a unique eye
  • Try to be in prestigious and affirmed association
    • WPJA (Wedding photojournalistic association),
    • WPPI (Wedding and portrait photographers international)
    • Photographic (the elite photographers network)
  • Deliver high quality. Seek with all your heart to capture unique and candid moments • Participate in wedding photography competitions. This is a chance for peers to evaluate your work and gives you the chance to see the work of others in your field, which helps develop your craft.
  • Concentrate on the details and emotions on the wedding day. Wedding photographers don't just take pictures of the event—-they capture the feelings and special touches of each wedding.
  • Focus on the business side of wedding photography as well. It's not just about taking pictures and capturing moods. Enroll in business courses and seminars. Figure costs for each job, and make sure you turn profits.
  • Gain experience working as an assistant photographer
  • Have the wedding day plan clear in your mind but be flexible sometimes during a wedding something unexpected and nice happens
  • Calculate your daily fee to remain in the business here at NPPA
  • remeber to choose the right assistant

wedding photography business