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Wedding photographer Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli Wedding PhotographerWedding photographer wedding photographer Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli

For your wedding in Venice Palazzo Cavalli:
San Marco 4089
Tel. +39.041.2748331

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I love photography in all its forms, and I especially enjoy when I am allowed passage into another person’s life as a photographer. This happens at weddings, bar mitzvahs, fashion shows, engagement pictures, travel documentaries, office parties…. well, you get the idea. I find that representing personalities and events through images is extremely challenging, but the sense of reward I get after presenting a satisfied client with their images is hard to match.

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Wedding Venice, Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli wedding photographer

wedding photographer Palazzo Cavalli

Palazzo Cavalli is the town hall of Venice where you can celebrate your civil Wedding.

What you will need for your Marriage in Venice at palazzo Cavalli:
Arrangements for a civil marriage must be made in advance at the Registry Office.
A civil marriage must be celebrated in public in the Town Hall.
Two witnesses must also be present (everyone must produce valid identification).

Residents: The publication of the marriage banns.

Residents in other Municipalities: The written request of the Mayor of the Municipality of residence where the marriage banns were published.

Non-resident foreign citizens: - Austrian, Swiss, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish and Luxembourg citizens must submit a certificate of their capacity to contract marriage issued in pursuance of the Convention signed at Munich on September, 5th 1980 by their own Municipality of residence.
- United States citizens must submit:

  • the sworn statement made at the American Consulate in Italy
  • subsequently legalized in Prefecture Office in Italy
  • and the attested affidavit made at the Italian Consulate in United States.

- Australian citizens must submit:

  • the sworn statement made at the Australian Consulate in Italy
  • subsequently legalized in Prefecture Office in Italy
  • and the attested affidavit made at the Italian Consulate in Australia.

- All other foreign nationals must submit:

  • a declaration issued by the relevant authorities of their own country (Embassy or Consulate in Italy) stating that, in accordance with the laws to which they are subject, they are free to marry.

Civil marriage in a Municipality outside place of residence
When couples choose to marry in a Municipality that is not their place of residence, they must submit a specific motivated request, complete with stamp duty, to the Mayor of the Municipality where the marriage banns have been published. Once the banns have been published for the required period, the Mayor makes a written request (Authorisation) to the Registrar of the place where the marriage is to be celebrated. Place of marriage A civil marriage takes place in the Town Hall. If illness or some other impediment should prevent either the bride or the groom from reaching the Town Hall, then the Registrar and his Secretary shall go to the place where the impeded party is (home, hospital, prison, etc.) and celebrate the marriage in the presence of four witnesses. Property If, at the time of the marriage, couples do not inform the Registrar that they have chosen the "separation of property" option for administrating their respective estates, then "community of property" automatically applies. Couples can, at any time, draw up marriage contracts under the seal of a Public Notary. Affiliation When the marriage is celebrated, couples may also legally recognise any natural children born of the union. Legally recognised natural children become "legitimate children" when their parents marry.

Certificates Immediately after the civil marriage ceremony, the Registrar can issue the marriage certificates. Up-dated registry certificates will be available 2 days after the marriage. If the couple resides in a different Municipality from where they got married, then a copy of the marriage certificate will be sent to the Municipality of residence.